• On this page, you can find our 100% Handmade Knits, produced with the utmost care and love by women from all corners of Turkey. Some are retired professionals, some are widows, some are caregivers to sick relatives and some have never been a part of the workforce before. Common for all is that they have a desire to join the workforce by staying productive in an atmosphere that allows them creative freedom and the liberty to decide how much, how long and how often they knit. This way, we are able to ensure that all our products have been made not by obligation, but by own, individual free will, love, and dedication.
  • All women at Penoora's have gone through a meticulous selection process and use only yarn provided by HQ in Ankara, Turkey. With the exception of the Alpha and Linde models, we strive to not produce more than a few of each model/size, and thus to keep our products unique and special.
  • Our cardigans are handmade by different women and bear their characteristics in design and artistry. There might, therefore, be slight variation in sizes. The age-based sizes stated on the individual products are meant as a reference. Please make sure to consider the metric based measurements stated in the individual product pages before you place your order
  • Please note that there might be small visible knots, loops or stitches in our knitwear. We believe this is a part of the charm of handmade garments and a lovely reminder that there is a person behind each and every one of our products.