How do I place an order?

You can buy our products by bank transfer (money order or EFT) or your credit card. If you prefer to shop with your credit card, you need to proceed to checkout as directed and follow instructions for completing your order. Please be sure to fill in your name, address and contact number correctly.

You can also buy your items by money order or bank transfer, in which case you should transfer the required amount to the bank account below:

BANK: Garanti Bankası 
IBAN:  TR62 0006 2000 1810 0009 0735 35

Payments that have not been completed within 2 days of the order placement will be cancelled without further notice. Products will be shipped once payment has been completed and is visible in the bank account.


How and when do I get my products?

Your products will be sent with Turkish National Postal Services (PTT). Delivery time depends on location and varies between 2-4 weeks.


Why isn't your packaging more sophisticated and chic?

We love our customers, but we also love our planet.

Changing consumption habits and an increase in packaging production in Turkey are creating high amounts of packaging waste. Packaging waste covers 20% of the weight and nearly 50% of the volume of the total amount of household solid waste. In 2014 a total amount of 28 million tons of solid waste was collected and disposed of, produced by nearly overall 71 million inhabitants in 1400 municipalities. Of these 28 million tons of solid waste, 18 million tons (about 64%) were disposed in professional landfills and nearly 10 million tons (about 36%) were absorbed by municipal waste disposal units. Only 127,000 tons were brought to compost facilities, which is less than a 0.5%. (connective-cities.net)

We have made a conscious choice not to feed an already troubled area with even more waste.

For our domestic packagings, we use simple kraft paper as wrapping, as it often only takes a day to reach our customers. For our international packages, we wrap the clothes in cut-out recyclable plastic as protection (it often takes 2-4 weeks to reach its destination) and then a second layer of kraft paper. Natural kraft paper is unbleached to ensure minimal chemical treatment and is a biomaterial that is bio-based and completely biodegradable. It is also a mono-material that is easily recycled. We are asking our customers to be thoughtful and to demand reduced or reusable packaging.


I think I might have ordered the wrong size. What do I do?

All our products are exclusively handmade. Therefore, slight variations in size, loops, and knots should be expected. Please consider the measurements stated on the individual product pages before you purchase any items. You can return your unused products within 7 (seven) days of purchase date. Your money will be refunded within 3 (three) business day if the product is in its original state. You can exchange your product for another product if you wish. The customer is responsible for shipping fees for both exchange and return products.


How do I care for my cotton or wool cardigan?

All our cardigans are made from natural materials like wool and cotton. Washing instructions are stated on the back of the clothing tag. We recommend that you wash your cardigans by hand in cold water, or that you set your machine to handwash/wool/delicates setting. Do not use spin cycle and do not stretch your cardigan. Gently soak the water up with a towel and air dry your wool or cotton cardigans to prevent shrinking or damage.

Important note:

Please note that there might be small visible knots, loops or stitches in our knitwear. We believe this is a part of the charm of handmade garments and a lovely reminder that there is a person behind each and every one of our products.