River Sweater - Dusty White

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Each sweater is made to order by a female artisan living and working in Turkey, using organic, sustainable, and natural high-quality cotton fabrics.

100% organic cotton cardigan with wooden buttons. Unisex. 

With its classic yet carefully crafted look, River is the perfect go-to sweater all year round. The high-quality cotton keeps the body warm without overheating and the retro design gives you a product you will enjoy for a long time, regardless of the season.

Regular-fitted model. Size down up if you want a looser fit.

Color: Natural


Size Guide (chest / arms (from collar) / length):

1Y:    29cm  /  27cm    /  32cm
      11.41in  / 10.60in  /  12.60in

2Y:    31cm /   30cm    /  33cm
      12.20in /  11.80in   /  13.00in

3Y:    33cm /   35cm    /  36cm
      13.00in /   13.80in /  14.20in

4Y:    34cm /   38cm   /   40cm
      13.40in / 15.00in  / 15.74in


Care Instructions:

We recommend that you wash your cardigans by hand in cold water, or that you set your machine to handwash/wool/delicates setting. Do not use spin cycle and do not stretch your cardigan. Gently soak the water up with a towel and air dry your wool or cotton cardigans to prevent shrinking or damage.