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“Seeing my name on a cardigan makes me feel so proud of what
I have created. Imagining a precious little soul somewhere in the world wearing my work is simply wonderful”

Nevin - Knitter at Penoora's

“Knitting is the only time I have to myself. That’s when I have
time to meditate and not worry about a thing in the world”

Ayla - Knitter at Penoora's

“Knitting empowers me. It makes me feel like I'm making a difference for myself.” 

Hatice - Knitter at Penoora's

Working for an honest, straightforward and outspoken company like Penoora's means the world to me. Here, I know my work is being valued for its true worth.

Elif - Knitter at Penoora's

I truly enjoy being connected to people through my work, especially children. The recognition I get for my knits from all corners of the world make me feel so proud and empowered. 

Mualla - Knitter at Penoora's

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